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Oil Immersed Medium Power Transformers

Oil Immersed Medium Power Transformers

1.00 TL

Oil Immersed Medium Power Transformers
The medium power Transformers are individually designed and manufactured to meet and even exceed the  highest industry standards according to the exact specifications for the particular applications. Special options  and features are planned into the original design and accordingly built in our transformers’ design. The Power Transformers are liquid-oil immersed transformers providing the most efficient and reliable long-life operation  for wide variety of utility and industrial applications.

In addition to expand our product line, we have also developed a technological, administrative and marketing  infrastructure that is comparable with some of the finest manufacturers of similar products worldwide.

The Transformer focuses on becoming one of the most valued global suppliers of electrical power & distribution products for utilities and industries.

Benzer Ürünler

> Generation Step-up Units (GSU)
> Transmission Substations
> Distribution Substations
> Industrial Plants
> Oil & Gas
> Cement Industry
> Chemicals & Petrochemicals
> Rolling Mills
> Mining
> Desalination Plants

Main Characteristics
> Power Rating  : from 4MVA up to 50MVA
> Voltage Level  : from 3,3kV up to 66kV
> Frequency       : 50 or 60Hz
> Vector Group  : Single phase or three phase transformers with possibility of  star and/or delta connections in  any of its windings.
> Number Of Windings : Possibility to manufacture tranformers with primary + secondary, double secondary, or triple secondary and any other type  according to requirements of  customer.
> Cooling :according to EN/IEC 60076, ONAN,  ONAF, KNAN, KNAF, OFAF
> Tap Changer : OLTC or OFFCIRCUIT

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