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Eco-Design Transformers

Eco-Design Transformers

1.00 TL

Eco-Design Transformers

Güveniş undertakes to respect the Eco-Design  directive by manufacturing transformers  that strictly comply with the technical  specifications and requirements of standard  EU 548/2014, with ‘CE’ marking and checked  by a certified and calibrated laboratory test.


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Rated Power (Kva)Tier 2: From 1st July 2021
No Load Loss (W)Load Loss (W)
≤2563 (A0-10%)600(AK)
5080 (A0-10%)750(AK)
100130 (A0-10%)1250(AK)
160189 (A0-10%)1750(AK)
250270 (A0-10%)2350(AK)
315324 (A0-10%)2800(AK)
400387 (A0-10%)3250(AK)
500459 (A0-10%)3900(AK)
630540 (A0-10%)4600(AK)
800585 (A0-10%)6000(AK)
1000693 (A0-10%)7600(AK)
1250855 (A0-10%)9500(AK)
16001080 (A0-10%)12000(AK)
20001305 (A0-10%)15000(AK)
25001575 (A0-10%)18500(AK)
31501980 (A0-10%)23000(AK)






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