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DVR-M3 Series 3 phase Voltage Regulators

DVR-M3 Series 3 phase Voltage Regulators

1.00 TL

GÜVENİŞ Voltage regulators are the machines that provide the constant voltage that you need by correcting the falling and rising of the mains voltage in the internal structure.

Our DVR-M3 voltage regulators operate fully automatically for voltage regulation without any user intervention.

Once the regulators are switched on, your mains voltage is continuously measured and the necessary up / down operations are performed automatically, giving your system the constant voltage required for a healthy operation.

Servo regulators consist of variac, servo motor which controls variac, electronic multimeter card which controls this motor and booster transformer.

The start torque can quickly correct even very small voltage changes thanks to the high DC servo motor and the control system that can respond quickly to voltage changes.

When the regulation is completed, the servo motor is de-energized with the aid of the electronic braking circuit. It has high efficiency.

Pollution, parasitic, etc. at output voltage. do not corrupt.

You can safely use any area with regular electricity needs without any problems.

Benzer Ürünler

The DVR-M3 Regulator provides the following:

• Protection of the user from negative voltages.

• Protection of the user and the device from excessive current.

• Undisturbed pure sinus voltage regulation.

• Long-term overload protection and short-term protection.

• AC voltage balancing with extremely high accuracy.

• Run smoothly on all loads from 0% to 100%.

• Manual transfer to bypass regime without regulating.

• Display all values against the probabilities in the bypass regime.

• Record mains input voltage limits and load current values.

• Static, not gradual, dynamically correct output voltage too quickly without user notice.

• When protections are activated, record the number of protection trips and the reason for each parameter separately.

MODEL: DVR-M3M3-3M3-6M3-10,5M3-15M3-22.5M3-30M3-45M3-60M3-75M3-100M3-120M3-150
Power kVA 3610,51522,530456075100120150
Input Voltage Correction Range 190-415 / 275-450 / 310/485 VAC 
Input Voltage Operating Range >155v…490v<
Operating Frequency>47.....64 <
Input ProtectionOvercurrent. Low and High Voltage Protection (Optional)
Output voltage>380v…415v<  +/- %0,4
Over load10 SECOND  % 200 load
Correction Speed / Recovery Speed- 90 Volt / S (150-250VAC the range)
Output waveformPure Sine
Output protectionOvercurrent. Low and High Voltage Protection (Optional)
Output protection at low voltage  337V on  - 303V off 
Output protection at high voltage424v on ... 433 off 
 Servo Motor - Microprocessor - Dynamic Servo
CoolingNatural Air /fan   (Optional)
Measurement and DisplayInput and Output Voltage Led Display / Input, Output Voltage and Ampere Led Display   MULTIMETER
Continuous operating time at full load 0..105%.
Continuous load <105%< 7 /24 
Efficiency under load.>98%
Mechanical By-passManual control network / 1-0-2 Pako Switch / Remote Switch / Lock key  On / Off
Protection ClassIP20 and Other Options
Operating  ambient temperatureО> -40 °С    <+ 55°С
Storage temperatureО> -25 °С    <+ 60°С
Ambient temperature +25 ° C Relative Humidity.< 96 %
Operating height<3000 м  3 km
Protection ClassIP 21
Acoustic Level< 50 dB (1m)



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