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About Us

About us ;

          GÜVEN-İŞ electric, which was established in 1975, produces servo voltage regulators, AVR,  static voltage regulators, variac, variable autotransformer, isolation transformers, automatic transfer switch ( ATS ) , battery cabinet, battery bank, electric panel, rack cabinet, regulator case, metal box and various cabin and chassis for transformer and electrical industry with more than 40 years of know-how and experience , it has become one of the pioneering and rooted organizations of the sector.

         GÜVEN-İŞ, which produces with ISO 9001 quality management system, and produces with CE certificate within the scope of standards related to professional personnel, modern machines and working system which does not compromise.

         Beside standard production, GÜVEN-İŞ can be very flexible in the development and production of special products according to the user's request. All of this is ensured by the experience gained through years of technological development. Such developments have the knowledge and competence to enable technical personnel to prepare electrical and mechanical designs for each "special product" quickly and cost-effectively.

GÜVEN-İŞ continues to make investments in order to increase production capacity.


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